Creativity can solve almost any problem.

// Involve Media properties allow for great flexibility in both creative or performance oriented campaigns.

3.5 million

Monthly audience reach

1.6 million

Social followers


Monthly delivered clicks

15 million

USD in annual referred sales


Editorials are produced by our editors, occasionally co-produced by an industry expert to address a particular topic or issue


Placements are sponsored listings on our high performing shopping guides, together with clear call-to-action links


Our video team place a lot of emphasis on producing highly engaging, visually pleasing as well as well researched visual guides


Events such as live-streams or in-person events allow for audience interactions and an opportunity to experience products first-hand

Editorial Content

While video content can be visually engaging and may showcase certain point of views better, editorial content allow for much better flexibility in storytelling with much better detail.

Our content team are known to be very detailed oriented and are capable of telling a different side of a story, no matter the product or service.

Rice-cooker Cheesecake

Client: Corvan
Year: 2021
Reads: 52,000

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Which Projector To Pick?

Client: Viewsonic
Year: 2020
Reads: 104,000

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Designer Fragrance?

Client: Sugarbomb
Year: 2022
Reads: 37,000

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Product Placement

Over 55% of all consumers search for a product before making a purchase. What Product Placement does is to put your product or services right in front of these users.

These articles may not receive millions of traffic per month, but know that every single one of them are shopping around looking for the right product, which could very well be yours. For amplified performance, we highly recommend our unique solution below:

Network Placement


Client: SK-II
Year: 2021
Duration: 3 x 12 months
Clicks: 30,000

Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Cream

Client: Mama’s Choice
Year: 2021
Duration: 4 x 6 months
Clicks: 9,600

SK magic Jiksoo Hyper

Client: SK magic
Year: 2021
Duration: 6 months
Clicks: 9,000

Video Content

Involve Media is capable of producing thought provoking, highly engaging video content, either as a standalone piece or a multi-part series.

Our content direction focuses more on product education, ridiculous experiments or even expert interviews. One thing for sure, we ensure that all our content are professionally produced and delivers our messages with surgical precision.

Client: Huawei
Year: 2021
Views: 2,300,000

Client: Asus
Year: 2021
Views: 120,000


“You Tell, I Do” is one of our most successful live-stream series for PNTech and ProductNation. It is a live event where we conduct live reviews of a product, where our audience get to dictate what we do while we’re on stream. We have more campaigns like this planned moving forward, and are always open for brands to participate.

Additionally, we are also known to conduct physical events involving our audience. These media excursion events have been tremendously successful and were a lot of fun to both the brands and our audience.

You Tell, I Do: Ep2

Client: Huawei
Year: 2021
Format: Livestream

Scavenger Hunt

Client: Samsung
Year: 2022
Format: In-person

Trusted Media

Involve Media has collaborated with major brands to deliver highly engaging campaigns with tremendous success. We have reached out to some of our favourite clients to see what they think

Involve Media has been very professional, detailed with our campaigns and produce excellent quality content. They always deliver the work as schedule and put 150% in their work. We are very satisfied with our partnership and looking forward to working with them for more campaigns to come.

I can really tell that they’ve put everything into their work, truly caring about their clients. In my experience, Involve Media has been very professional in their product reviews, understanding what the client needs and that they’ve always delivered work on time as promised.

Vincent W.S. Chin, BenQ Malaysia

It has been a pleasure working with Involve Media, as the team has a solid dedication to delivering results. Aside from being adept in product research, they always take the extra initiative to give suggestions, communicate well and deliver on time.

We have done a few campaigns with Involve Media. The team has provided excellent results with clear communication of our product’s unique selling point to the readers and potential customers. They’ve consistently provided engaging content and showcased our products’ proper usage as well as benefits, which created strong interest from the consumers.